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About Us...

Our passion is to meet students where they are and inspire them to reach their God-given potential.  We partner with parents to help them navigate the education process.  

Our Leadership...

Kathy Reynolds


A Personal Message to Parents!

The culture at Blue Ridge is to be passionately focused on our students educational and spiritual needs. We are a family who partners with your family. 

Our goal is to educate and empower students with the Word of God and solid academics. We know that the only way to achieve our goals is by partnering with parents every step of the way.  

My passion is empowering innovative educators to inspire students to achieve their greatest potential. As a long-time veteran of education, I have spent 30-plus years in the classroom and another 8 years in administration. I am a graduate of Missouri State University with degrees in secondary education and educational administration.


I would like to invite you to schedule a visit of our school so you can experience the personal touch of Blue Ridge Christian School. We are sure you will sense the difference this school makes in the lives of families. Many parents have expressed encouragement as they walk through the hallways and visit with our staff and faculty. Meeting students where they are on the educational journey and moving them to the next level is the driving force behind our educational model.

I would enjoy meeting you, hearing your story, and discussing a partnership. Blue Ridge Christian School provides a Biblically-Based, Relationship-Centered, Character-Emphasizing, Scholastically-Focused Christian education. Your family will be known and cared for as we navigate the journey together. 


Best regards,

Kathy Reynolds


Blue Ridge Christian School

Bible Lessons


Fostering a Godly environment that produces a growing body of full time and home-schooled students, grounded in biblical truths, academically prepared and developed in life skills.


Work with the home and church to provide a Christ-centered spiritual, academic, and physical foundation in a nurturing environment. In our efforts, we produce young men and women who will carry the light of the Gospel to their world.

Psalm 78:1-7 charges parents to be diligent in thoroughly training their children in the Word of God. In doing so, God’s Word and His faithfulness will be perpetuated from generation to generation.

Our employees strengthen our school through diligent labor, partnering with parents to accomplish the mandate found in The last verse of The chapter.

“So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart; and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.”  
Psalm 78


Christian Booklet

Statement of Faith

Over 40 local, evangelical churches are represented at Blue Ridge Christian School. We are grateful for our strong heritage of partnering with families who have similar beliefs and values. We support and enhance the instruction of  your children receive at home and at church. Understanding and embracing God’s Truth equips them to stand strong in the midst of a humanist culture. Scripture memory is a vital part of our educational program.

We Believe... 

Our Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff

Dedra Pease

Director of Student Services

Jon Henderson

Middle & High School Math, & Life Sports

Victoria Rodgers

Middle School Science & Math Teacher

Katelynn Pav

4th & 5th grades

Angie Esteban

Little Warriors (Pre-K)

Risa Williams

Athletic Coordinator, High English School Teacher

Sherri Moore

High School Science

Rena Shaver

6th Grade - Missouri Trails

Alaina Bonin

3rd Grade

Jeremy Venable

Elementary Music & Facility Maintenance

Matt Rodgers

Campus Pastor & Bible Teacher

Bethany Greer

High School History

Jacquelin Simmons

7th Grade - Art Teacher

Emily Harris

1st & 2nd Grade

Krislyn Booth

Business Office

Dorothy Lee

Middle & High School Music

Kourtney Govro

Maker's Business & Arts Class 

LeighAnn Sexton

Front Office


Melissa Bragg


David Kremer

Food Service

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