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Admissions Requirements

The following qualifications and requirements are necessary for making application to the school.  Please submit your completed student application and application fee:

  • Letter of reference from a Pastor that at least one parent or a grandparent is a professing Christian who attends a Bible teaching church.  

  • Testimony of parent or grandparent about their faith and commitment that their children are being raised in a Christian home.

  • Students must submit a pastoral reference letter attesting to their conduct, character, and involvement in a local church.

  • All students for whom application is made must demonstrate a sincere desire to attend. All students entering grades 7-12 must complete and submit the Student Questionnaire.

  • Current achievement test results are required. Entrance testing will be provided if current records are not available. Students must score average or above average on the achievement/entrance testing unless they are already receiving intervention for their learning difficulties.

  • Current grade card, immunization records, and a copy of the student’s birth certificate are also required.


When all of the application documentation has been received and reviewed, a family interview will be scheduled.