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Cafeteria Plan

The cafeteria plan at Blue Ridge Christian School includes hot kid-friendly lunches daily prepared with love.


Ordering a Lunch

We are blessed to have Mr. Kremer on our team! Every day he prepares lunch for students including a wide variety of options and even a homemade dessert!  

If a student orders a lunch but chooses not to eat it, their lunch account will still be charged for that lunch. Please encourage your students ahead of time to eat lunches, so money and food will not be wasted.

Cafeteria Rules

Behavior expectations

Students are expected to …

  • use good manners and pleasant conversation in the cafeteria.

  • refrain from throwing trash, boisterous talking, and sitting on tables.

  • clean up after themselves.

During the assigned lunch period, students may not leave the cafeteria without permission from one of the teachers on duty. Students should remain seated until the dismissal bell.


Student Cleaning Duties

Students assigned to lunchroom cleaning duty must fulfill their responsibilities quickly and thoroughly. Students may earn merit dollars for fulfilling these responsibilities.

Cafeteria Visitors

BRCS is a closed campus. Students from

outside the school may not eat lunch in the

school cafeteria. However, parents, youth

pastors, and adult siblings are welcome to eat

with students, after checking in at the school office.

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